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Verification Testing Solutions

Verification testing provides assurance that the source code deposited under a Software Escrow Agreement is correct and complete by ensuring that the deposit can be built into the working system. Contact us to discuss your testing requirements.

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Full Verification

The full verification service is for clients who wish to ensure that the deposit in escrow is as complete as possible and contains source code that is correct and complete and can be built into the application as expected by the client. The exercise requires the assistance of the software owner and is performed at their site.

The primary aim of the full verification exercise is:

  • To ensure that the source code can be built into a testable version of the application as expected by the client.
  • That an escrow deposit is created containing all source code and associated files required during the full verification exercise as well as any other information required by the licensee should a release event occur.
  • Upon completion of the full verification the deposit is integrity tested at the software owners site.
  • Then a detailed report is produced of the steps carried out to build the application. The report is provided to all parties involved in the verification process and is also placed in escrow as part of the fully certified deposit.

Escrow Complete

Full Verification plus services to replicate the build process in an independent and secure TES-hosted environment and to install a working version of the application in either the TES environment or at the software end user’s site. In addition the environment used to build and install the application can be retained and deposited in escrow. The report details:

  • Any differences noted in the build process in the independent environment vs. at the software owner
  • The process required to install a working version of the applications
  • The results of the User Acceptance Tests performed by the software end user and TES
  • Additional analysis of source code quality for code maintainability, security and performance
  • Basic LCM and CQM testing to give a high level indication of possible issues.

LCM – License Compliance Management Analysis

CQM – Code Quality Management Analysis



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