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Software Escrow Cost

February 13, 2012

What Is Software Escrow?’ – It is a question that our specialist escrow team tend to answer on a regular basis. However, it’s surprisingly not the most asked question that our dedicated team faces on a daily basis. Instead, most enquiries revolve around the cost of software escrow.

Our research has indicated that potential software escrow users often find the prices of escrow agreements confusing. The driving force behind escrow agreements still remains reliability, security and customer service. However, the factor of price is still an important question for all potential users to ask.

People enquiring about escrow agreements will understand the difficulty of trying to find out a benchmark cost for escrow agreements. Furthermore, it is either more difficult because some escrow agents don’t tend to display their escrow prices on their website.

In our view, Total Escrow Solutions already offers a secure and reliable product with a superior level of customer service (ISO 9001 certified) but equally important to us is that our price table is clearly visible on our website.

We find it frustrating when you have to contact companies for basic prices regarding products or services. Our immediate thoughts as a consumer are;

  • ‘Their prices are going to be significantly higher’.
  • ‘They’re going to give me the ‘sale pitch’ once I call them’.
  • ‘It must be a marketing ploy to obtain my information’.
  • ‘They must have something to hide’.

We are referring to any product or service across any industry. However, we don’t want our potential customers to think that about us. Additionally, we want to take the frustration out of buying software escrow.

Software escrow is a necessary product and service and therefore the buying process should be simplified. We are now challenging other software escrow agents to follow our lead. Our prices for 2012 are as follows:


S/L MU Dev SaaS
Initial Set Up £650.00 * £650.00 * £650.00 £650.00
Annual £500.00 £500.00 ** £500.00 £500.00
Deposit / Data £150.00 *** POA ****
* If 2 or more agreements are required then the Initial set up fee is waived.
** per licensee fee.
*** milestone deposits are agreed and invoiced with initial fee.
**** dependent on frequency, size, format etc 

Unfortunately, a price comparison website for software escrow doesn’t exist. Nevertheless, we will always remain open about our software escrow prices.

We believe that all customers should be charged the same price for the same product and service. Being open about our prices enables us to do this.We consider ourselves a service team and not a sales team. Therefore, if you want to speak to an escrow specialist without a sales pitch please contact us on:

> 0845 017 6737

> Or, make an enquiry online.



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