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G-Cloud 2 – Software Escrow Supplier

December 6, 2012

In October, the second iteration of the government’s G-Cloud went live.

The G-Cloud, which promotes a common platform for procuring the technology behind government services, was created by the Labour regime Gordon Brown. The overall goal is to make government services more flexible.

The G-Cloud 2 contract succeeds the previous G-Cloud programme. The original framework involved 257 suppliers with Total Escrow Solution being one of them.

The second G-Cloud procurement builds on the success of the first. The latest framework will last 12 months but differs from the original G-Cloud in a number of ways. There are now over 3000 services available – double that of G-Cloud I.

According to a blog post from the G-Cloud team, G-Cloud 2 will focus on “efficiency and reducing costs, the government are committed to supporting economic growth. Part of this is about levelling the playing fields for small and medium-sized firms by making it simpler, quicker and cheaper for them to com for government business”.

The head of the G-Cloud, Denise McDonagh, previously highlighted that 75% of the spend through the G-Cloud framework was with SEMs. As of September 2012, public sector spends on IT services through CloudStore totalled £2.28m.

Three quarters of the 458 supplier on the framework for G-Cloud ii are SMEs. Total Escrow Solutions has successful been selected as a software escrow supplier for the G-Cloud ii.


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