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Will software save the world?

November 15, 2011

One particular news story caught my attention recently, firecontrol project a poorly conceived idea of centralising management of fire services. It was believed that by implementing a computer system to manage the whole process it would reduce cost and increase efficiency, who believed this is unclear but what is clear is that everyone got behind this idea and ran full pelt eyes closed into the abyss.

  • So 5 years and £450 million later the project fails and the person responsible for the expenditure has been knighted and has moved to the House of Lords.
  • The question that stays with me is how did anyone think that spending £450 million on a computer system would ever be recovered through efficiency, it worked out at over £2 million per seat in what is basically a call centre?
  • Why does no one seem capable of keeping control of these projects or the suppliers that promise everything and deliver nothing?

Maybe a developer escrow agreement could have managed the risk that is inherent when you rely on a supplier and work to a waterfall development model.


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