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How software escrow is used in todays business world

November 28, 2011

No matter what your business there is a very good chance that you will rely on some form of technology, you will probably license this technology from a supplier who supports your businesses ability to deliver to your clients.

This type of reliance is very common in todays business world and enables companies to flourish and grow at a faster rate than might have been possible, it enables companies with limited capital to begin trading very quickly.

Imagine for a moment;

  • You have a great idea for a business
  • You have a team in place to begin running the business
  • You need an ERP system to manage the;
    • Stock
    • Production
    • Cash flow
    • Delivery
    • Maintenance
    • Service

If you had to build this ERP system from scratch it would potentially be many years before you could begin trading and the capital investment would be considerable.

In today business world you could source a world class ERP system from a Tier 1 supplier today and begin trading tomorrow.

There is only one way to ensure that the system your business relies on will always be available and that is through the use of software escrow agreement. Only by using software escrow agreement can you be sure your critical technology asset will always be available.


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